About Us

Promoting the development of talent within the Data Science Space in the UK.

We are more than just a specialist recruitment agency and job board

We strongly believe that by connecting the best talents in the industry with the best opportunities; by promoting education, learning and development in the industry; by promoting research and innovating in the industry – we contribute enormously to the development of talent in the UK Data Science space.

Our programs and networks make it seemingly efficient for us to find the best talents within the Data Science space in the UK for employers and recruiters. This is made possible by our specialist in-house recruiters who are highly skilled and experienced in recruitment within the Data Science space.

Our platforms on the web and social media are used by hundreds of thousands of UK Data Science stakeholders monthly. This makes us influencers within the space.

Please get in touch if you will like to use any of our recruitment services or to promote your event/training/services that are targeted at Data Science stakeholders within the UK. Shoot us a mail at hello@dataoleum.co.uk

For Employers

We offer top-of-the-line recruitment within the Data Science space in the UK. We also offer job listing services on our web and social media platforms. Get in touch to find out more.

Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

Richmond Okezie


Richmond has more than 5years of experience in recruitment and provides creative leadership to the brand.

John Becket


John has over 8 years of experience in Tech and Data recruitment and leads the recruitment team